“I’ve known Janet for 15 years – going back to when we were both members of National Sections Council. Throughout that time Janet has exhibited an untiring commitment to CBA. Janet’s service on NSC gave her a unique opportunity to see the breadth of CBA’s advocacy work for both the profession’s and the public’s interest. While Chairing NSC she served on the Finance and Nominating Committees, as well as the Board, giving her insight into our administrative structures. More recently, her time on our Professional Development Committee gave her an opportunity to develop her already formidable skills as a legal educator and to understand our member’s needs in this important area. In all, Janet’s work for CBA has laid the foundation for her to be one of our great presidents.”

Chris Pike

St. John, NL

Past President, NL Council

Past Chair, National Section Council


“I became acquainted with Janet when I first ran as a member of National Sections Council approximately 8 years ago. Janet impressed me then with her knowledge and skill in dealing with competing concerns raised by various sections. As a Past Chair of National Sections Council with the understanding that comes with that role, I have continued to be impressed with Janet and her reasoned approach in resolving members’ issues. CBA members sometimes have competing interests, Janet's knowledge of the CBA structure and respect for due process ensures that as our Second Vice President, she will act in the best interests of the whole organization. Janet has been involved with the CBA in a variety of capacities and that involvement has increased her already impressive knowledge of what the CBA is and what the CBA stands for. I strongly believe that Janet will be a voice for a unified CBA with respect for the national, provincial and territorial groups that make up the CBA.”

Leila J. Gosselin

Calgary,  AB

Past Chair, CBA National Sections Council


"I had the pleasure to work with Janet during my two years on the national PD Committee. We were appointed at the same time. She is enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with.  She was appointed vice chair of the committee during our two years together and soon, of course, will be chair of the committee. Janet also has experience as a past chair with the National Sections Council. It is my view her experience with these key arms of our organization is invaluable. I had no hesitation endorsing her candidacy once I learned she was running." 


Ken Armstrong


Vancouver, BC


Executive Officer, CBA British Columbia Branch  


"I have worked with Janet for close to four years as a member of the board of the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada. Janet’s leadership abilities are exemplary, and her dedication and experience are evident in both her approach to governance and her achievements throughout her tenure with IPIC. I have no hesitation recommending Janet as Second Vice-President of the CBA."

Mark B. Eisen


Toronto, ON


President, Intellectual Property Institute of Canada


“I became acquainted with Janet about 6 years ago when we both served on the CBA Board of Directors, I as President of the Ontario Bar Association and Janet as Chair of the National Sections Council. Janet demonstrated a strong commitment to the CBA and a thorough understanding of the CBA’s organization and structure. Her service on NSC afforded her a tremendous opportunity to see the scope of the CBA’s advocacy work since much of that work emanates from Sections. At the local level, Janet didn’t hesitate when asked to assume the role of Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee for the Ontario Bar Association and she brought the same dedication and leadership to that role for three years. For the last two years, she has been a valuable member of the OBA Membership Committee. As Vice-Chair of the CBA Professional Development Committee, Janet has continued to develop her leadership skills which, together with her extensive experience to date, will do her in good stead as Second Vice-President and eventually President of the Canadian Bar Association.”


James C. Morton


Toronto, ON


Past President, Ontario Bar Association



“I have known Janet through both her active membership and leadership in the International Trademark Association and through working with her on cross border legal matters for mutual clients. She has and continues to demonstrate a dedication to the legal profession on an International basis, honest and forthright representation of the Canadian perspective and position on legal matters and an ability to work with lawyers from around the world with knowledge and skill. She is universally respected both for her legal skills and ability to deal with competing demands in a reasonable and useful manner. I know that she will serve the Canadian Bar Association well and I heartily endorse her.”


Elliott C. Bankendorf JD, Member of the Illinois Bar

Past Director International Trademark Association

Past Chair Corporate Law Departments Committee Chicago Bar Association

Past Chair US and International Trademark Committee Intellectual Property Law Association of Chicago