Speech - Mid-winter - René Basque

René Basque’s Remarks for CBA National Council

February 17, 2013, Mont Tremblant, QC


Bonjour, je m’appelle René Basque et j’ai eu l’honneur d’être Président de l’Abc Division Nouveau-Brunswick en 2006 -2007.

J’appuie la candidature de Janet Fuhrer.

My name is René Basque and practice law in Moncton, New-Brunswick and was NB Branch President on 2006-2007.

I support Janet Fuhrer as a candidate for Second Vice-President.

I have known Janet for 10 years and she has shown and proved to me her thoughtful, logical and just approach to everything she tackles, including intellectual property issues at which she excels. Her advice is practical and concise.

Janet est éloquente et a l’expérience requise pour nous représenter au Canada et à l’étranger.

The CBA needs a leader like Janet.  Being the senior partner in a firm where the majority of the lawyers are women, I see how the female bar has greater challenges than the others and through Janet’s example and leadership, she can show them they can accomplish great things in our fine profession.

Janet and I served together on the CBA Board of Directors when I was NB Branch President and she was in her second year as Chair of the National Sections Council. Her commitment to the CBA was evident then and her dedication is boundless.

I would invite you to seek out Janet or her supporters this weekend to discuss her views and see that the choice is clear.  Please cast your vote.  Please cast your vote in support of Janet’s candidacy.


Thank you